Powder Coating

Powderworks Northwest is Tamworth’s powder coating expert. We specialise in the powder coating of your old items & will make them look like new again. Whether it is your favorite childhood toy or your beat up ute tray, trailer, bike, garden furniture or fencing, if it is in need of a new lease on life, then Powderworks Northwest can restore it for you.

Powderworks Northwest can cater for every powder coating job, from small jobs in & around your home to very large commercial and industrial powder coating solutions. Talk to us today about your requirements.

Powder coating can be applied to anything that is made from steel, gal, cast metals or aluminium. Our powder coating booth can manage items up to 8 metres in length.

Powder coating is an ideal method to restore old family heirlooms, antiques and collectables and bring them back to life.

We regularly restore antique items made from  cast iron or steel, such as sewing machine stands, pots, basins, bed frames and more.

You can see here, the before and after photos of this old singer sewing machine stand. We've transformed it from an old rusty relic brought from an old barn, to an item which can take its place in a home full of antiques !

Powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly methods for finishing your products, as it does not contain harmful solvents. Powder coating also provides a much more durable and long lasting surface finish compared  to most paints. With a vast array of colours to choose from, there is a colour for everyone.

It can cost thousands of dollars to replace an old ute tray, but before you fork out your hard earned dollars for a new one, you should see some of the ute trays we've restored. 

We regularly powder coat ute trays for mining applications and we have many return  customers from the mining industry over the years who know our work will stand up to the harsh work their vehicles are expected to perform.

If you're a tradie with advertising on the side of your vehicle and your ute tray is looking a bit worse for wear - its time to come and see us ! Our service is fast, friendly and affordable. We will get you back on the road with a restored ute tray as quick as possible.