Mobile Abrasive Blasting

Our mobile blasting unit is ideal for any large or immovable commercial, industrial  or residential project that requires abrasive blasting.

Our mobile team have completed a number of swimming pool restorations, as abrasive blasting is the ideal preparation step in order to remove all grime and the old failing surface.

Save time and money on your next large project, contact our mobile abrasive blasting unit to clean and prepare your project for painting !

Industrial coating experts all agree that abrasive blasting is the ideal preparation for all paints and coatings, as the abrasive blasting leaves the ideal surface for maximum adhesion.

Mobile commercial and industrial abrasive blasting

Whilst we can accommodate up to a 40 foot tautliner in our factory abrasive blasting unit - there are a number of commercial and industrial units that are just too large or impractical to move to our facility.

Our mobile abrasive blasting team are available for all of these projects, from large farming machinery, to mining equipment, commercial haulage trailers and buildings

Our mobile abrasive blasting service is quick, efficient, professional and environmentally friendly.

We only use Australian garnet for all blasting and we carefully choose the grade of garnet best suited to the job at hand.

So before you repaint that large project, be sure to contact our mobile abrasive blasting team and we will come and prep  your project to ensure the applied coating lasts for years to come.