Abrasive Blasting

Powderworks Northwest is an industry leader for abrasive blasting services in the Tamworth & North West region.

Our abrasive blasting services include both 'in-shop' abrasive blasting in our chamber & we also have a fully equipped mobile blasting unit for buildings or plant and machinery too large to move from your site. For all abrasive blasting jobs large and small, we use Australian Garnet which is highly effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly. We carefully choose the grade of garnet best suited to the job at hand and provide quick and efficient service.

If you’d like to arrange a quote, or if you have any enquiries regarding our abrasive blasting services, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff in Tamworth today.

All of our services come with quality assurances for your peace of mind. We cater for everyone from domestic to Industrial, commercial and mining.

Our surface preparation services are also utilised for domestic purposes and we can help restore and rejuvenate many areas around your home including swimming pools. Our abrasive blasting service is ideal to prepare the surface of your pool ready for it to be re-coated. We do a perfect job every time to your requirements, and we do it fast. Call us today for all your abrasive blasting requirements.

Our abrasive blasting specialists have been trained to blast all surfaces, including aluminium, which can warp if blasted by an untrained operator.

We also take special care to mask up areas which need to be protected from blasting - such as  control panels, mating faces from stripped parts, or the inside of axle housings etc.

As in the case for most professional finishes, the key is a combination of preparation and skilled application. You can rest assured that no matter how large or small the job, the team and Powderworks Northwest will look after you. 

We have also been commissioned over the years to apply abrasive blasting to timber for several artists and designers.

Abrasive blasting is an excellent method to 'age' timber surfaces and bring forward a rustic, 'weather beaten' finish. It can also be used on stencils overlaid on timber to leave a patterned or designer finish.    

If you would like to know more about abrasive blasting timber, please contact us today.

Our abrasive blasting booth can accommodate commercial trailers up to 8 metres in length and can easily accommodate box trailers, single and double axle horse floats and ute trays.

We regularly complete work for the mining industry and other commercial operators who need a hard wearing finish, a professional service and fast turnaround.

Our abrasive blasting service is also an ideal first step for restoration of all metal surfaces prior to powder coating or painting. From bar stools to car parts to machinery, no job is too big or too small.